This page lists various released software projects I contribute to through my research.


A smoothing and mapping graphical modeling toolkit

GTSAM is a library implementing large scale nonlinear sparse optimization techniques primarily used in SLAM. The library is in C++, with Matlab integration. We support a variety of solving techniques, incorporating state of the art incremental and batch solvers with generic algorithms. The library is general enough to perform inference in 2D, 3D, and extensible through templates.

You can download the latest release of GTSAM here.


Decentralized graphical inference library for large-scale multi-robot SLAM

The project website, with more detailed information on publications and collaborators is here.

The DDF-SAM library implements the algorithms described in my work in decentralized SLAM (see Cunningham12icra, Cunningham10iros for DDF-SAM 1.0 and Cunningham12ssrr and Cunningham13icra for DDF-SAM 2.0) by adding summarization and multi-map fusion techniques to GTSAM. This library consists of modules for decentralized operations on factor graphs to enable a robot team to build scalable neighborhood maps.

DDF-SAM is not yet available for public release, however I can provide access for collaborators.